At Olympic, we offer our patients an extensive inventory of rental items available as both a monthly
cash rental and a rental billed to the patients insurance. For patients looking to forgo their insurance,
we offer a cash rental program. Upon receipt of the equipment, participants of this option are required
to review and sign all necessary paperwork as well as provide valid credit card information that will be
securely kept in the patients file to process recurring monthly charges.

For those patients with a valid prescription for the equipment
needed, billing the item rental charges through your
insurance company may be the right option for you.

Our staff will ensure that we gather all necessary information
required for your individual insurance coverage and process
your claim accordingly. Please note that all insurance policies
are different and coverage will vary from patient to patient.
All equipment rentals may not be covered under the
individual’s insurance policy and may ultimately result in
charges becoming the patient’s responsibility.

Patients should contact their insurance company to verify
appropriate coverage for all necessary items.


Below is a list of all rental items Olympic
Pharmacy provides its customers.
Please contact a sales representative
for current rental rates.
Standard Wheelchair
Wheelchair attachment-Elevated Leg Rest
Full-electric Hospital Bed
Trapeze Bar (free standing)
Alternating Pressure Pump (pump only)
Knee Scooters
Portable Oxygen Concentrator
BiPAP Machine
Air Compressor
Apnea Monitor
Cough Assist
Companion/Transport Wheelchair
Feeding Pump
Semi-electric Hospital Bed
Trapeze Bar (attach)
Hydraulic Patient Lift
IV Pole
Breast Pump
Pulse Oximeter
Oxygen Concentrator
CPAP Machine
Suction Machine
Heated Humidifier
Oxygen Tanks

Rental Program Contact:
Direct Tel. (253) 858-9941 (ext. 2003)
Fax. (253) 858-9942
Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm
Saturday, 9am-5pm
Sunday, Closed

Joe Campbell
Sales Manager
(253) 858-9941 (ext. 723)

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